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Water / weather intrusion is one of the greatest ongoing threats to the integrity of any structure. Proactive protection is the wisest perspective one can have, be it owner or contractor. Our team offers over 25 years’ experience with time tested protection products and techniques as well as the latest in building envelope solutions. We offer water proofing services for all surfaces from roof tops to below grade building components.

  • Moisture, Vapor, & Air Barriers
  • Hydro-Reactive Urethane Injection
  • Sealants
    - Urethane
    - Silocone
    - Calking
  • Coatings
    - Elastomeric
    - Polyurethane
    - Acrylic Wall
    - Textured Wall
    - Metal Roof
    - Vehicular
    - Pedestrian
    - Title 24
    - Heavy Duty Traffic
    - Tanks, Reservoirs, Sea Walls
  • Water Proofing
    - Below-Grade Waterproofing
    - Bentonite
    - Split Slab

Waterproofing - Before and After

Before & After